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The Tablao “La Cantaora”

We have recreated the atmosphere of the original music halls of the 19th century. There is no place for modern technology or dance routines, only the spontaneity of the artists and performers.

Flamenco tablao located in the center of Seville

La Cantaora flamenco venue, located in the town centre is the pulse of Sevillian flamenco. Enjoy live shows that go back to the roots of where this art comes from: Andalusian gypsy heritage. The many intricacies of this art form that make it so great are brought to you by artists from these humble lands that are eager to show off their heritage.
We present… The roots and black sounds of flamenco,the sound of purity, extravagance, race, harmony and the gypsy way of life.
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flamenco dance in Seville Show
Flamenco singer in the tablao

Antonio Núñez “El Pulga”, con la guitarra de Paco Iglesias

The only tablao in Seville that rescues the roots of 19th-century flamenco art

“The gypsy song” is the sign of our identity.

The shows in our venue are given by world renowned flamenco artists. Chosen for their passion and their performances that come from within. They are chosen for high professional standing and for their singularity.

We have recovered the role of the compere.

The performer who sings and dances normally performing ”palos alegres”. Something typical and greatly appreciated in the 19th century. In our opinion this is something to be lauded as, singing and dancing at the same time is something very few can do.

Flamenco show and optional dinner

Our events program is vitally important as we offer a new performance every week with different artists. The same format used in the old music halls of Seville.

We are the only flamenco venue in Seville offering such unique attractions.

In the Tablao La Cantaora you can also enjoy traditional Andalusian cuisine.

The facilities of Tablao Flamenco Venue

Capacity: 50 people.
Easy accessibility to the premises and the location.
The premises have easy accessibility in order to guarantee an enjoyable and unique experience in our venue in Seville. Street access, toilets and tables. We also have a professional signer available for those who suffer hearing problems. Please advise of this requirement at least 2 days in advance.
Taxi ranks, bus and tram stopsand public car parks are only 50 yards from the premises.
The premises are completely sound-proofed and air-conditioned. This allows for customer comfort throughout the year. The acoustics provide perfect surround-sound makin for a magical experience.
“The decor, that of the traditional music halls of Seville, take you back to the times of intimate and exclusive flamenco shows.”
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